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Having worked alongside midwives for many years now, I am very aware that midwifery is a tough business financially. And that means that you may not be able to afford Midwifery Notes today. But don't let that delay you from entering client data.

Electronic Medical Records are a reality that is on the horizon. At some point, all medical providers will be mandated (whether by licensing agencies or third party payers) to switch to EMRs. Midwifery Notes will probably grow to become an EMR, or it may just serve as a useful stepping stone to other much more expensive systems.

Whether you intend to switch directly to EMRs or purchase Midwifery Notes as a stepping stone, I urge you to get started today on the path to using technology to organize your practice. To that end, I have created a simple Excel spreadsheet for recording basic client info (such as contact info, due date, insurance, intended delivery site, actual delivery site, midwife). From this spreadsheet you can print an active client list. I have also provided a Word document from which you can print address labels for all clients.

Please note: this free download is not a "cut down" or "demo" version of Midwifery Notes. Midwifery Notes is totally different--a feature-rich database that does far more than this simple spreadsheet. The intention of the spreadsheet is just to get some basic data entered while you evaluate the right tool for your practice.

Later, when you purchase Midwifery Notes, I will help you import the data from this spreadsheet. If you decide to switch directly to EMRs, most systems should have the capability to import from a spreadsheet. So either way, you'll have a head start on the road to a more organized midwifery practice.